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Gotta say i'm real glad to find this. I used to play this game with my mom when I was little and it's super nostalgic for me :D

But the game no longer runs properly after a decade.  I know because I have that game that long and it's downward decent began at windows 7 when the game played slow..then windows 8..sluggish..then windows 10..crippled.


We will be making a new version of the game as Sub Terra Draconis, and it will include some of the best levels from Sub Terra I and II. We will start working on that after Leylines is released :)

Really?  Sounds sweet!  Is it compatible with the older level package or will it just have it's own?


You can run it in compatibility mode remember, just make sure not to go into fullscreen mode it makes the game unplayably laggy

It reminds me of that one game off of Neopets. I believe it was called Hannah and the Ice Caves or Faerie Quest. It looks really familiar.